What Makes Videos Go Viral?

If you’re trying to create videos that go viral, you must first know the protocols of What Makes Videos Go Viral.  Of course, nobody can truly predict what content or videos will or will-not go viral.   You stand a much better chance of creating something viral yourself if you know what kind of video content tends to go viral.  Here is SEO Graphic Design’s list of…

Protocols that makes videos go viral:

What Makes Videos Go Viral – Be Human

What Makes Videos Go ViralWhen it comes to videos, factual, statistical or economical videos typically don’t go viral.  Usually the most human videos tend to go viral more than any other type of video.  Remember the singing homeless man that looked like President Obama?  Or how about the Harlem Shake Videos that had large groups of people doing crazy things while being dressed in costumes?  “Be Human” means to have fun, be endearing and embrace the attitude of oneness of all.  While it can be said, “Everyone is different” we all share the commonality of being human by nature.

What Makes Videos Go Viral – Strong Emotions

The more emotions you can muster-up in your audience, the better.

Take for example, the “Charlie Bit my Finger” video. The video features a baby whose brother bit his finger; he sits there laughing and complaining at the same time.  This video has an astounding 530 million views at the time of this writing. That’s more than the entire population of the United States!  One of the main reasons this video took off so strongly is because of how relate-able the emotions were in the video.  You as the viewer could “follow along” with the little boy and the baby’s emotions.   Strong emotions that are identifiable amongst all humans are essential to viral awareness.

What Makes Videos Go Viral – Unique Info

Another type of content that does really well are videos that are informational and touch a large segment of the population.  The key here is that the videos really have to provide content that can’t be found anywhere else.

Take for example, the “Inequality in America” video.  The video is a well put together mix of stats and facts that most people are unaware of and that is what makes it unique.  Unique informational videos work so stay focused on bringing something new and refreshing to the viewers.

What Makes Videos Go Viral – Specific Content

Video content for specific groups can have great appeal factors too.  If your content has emotional ties and is niche oriented you can do very well capturing a large audience.  There are many different types of hobbies, lifestyles and other niches that people are craving more information about.  If you happen to be involved with a unique pass-time, why not create video content that is currently not available online?

Political videos have had viral followings as well.  Take for example the NRA’s recent video advertisements.  Whether you are a gun owner or not, most people have an opinion about guns in America.  Twitter and other social media outlets are always a buzz with politically charged topics and dialogue.  Having videos addressing current and relevant topics is also a way to make your videos go viral.

These are just a few of the factors that come into play when seeking viral video appeal.  Remember, unique, emotionally charged content with a strong “human” element is the type of content people like sharing.  And if “everyone” shares your video and sees your video, you are on your way…this is what makes videos go viral.