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What Is WordPress?

WordPress as a Content Management System for Websites: An Overview

WordPress began life as blogging software and has evolved into an easy to use content management system. The software that powers WordPress is open source and therefore free. Many of the hundreds of available plugins that extend the uses of WordPress are also free, although there are a crop of very nice, very useful premium plugins available. Their prices vary from plugin to plugin.

What you see when you first log into the Dashboard:


When you click on the Pages link in the left column, the list of existing Pages appears:


You can edit a Page or create a new one:


Posts are created/edited the same way:


Posts are the “Blog” part of a WordPress site. They are organized by Categories. You can have as many Categories as you want. You can use Posts and Categories as a straight-forward blog section, or by putting the links to specific Categories up in your navigation, feature them as parts of your site that you update more frequently, like a “Latest News” section.


You can control your navigation in the Menus section. By dragging and dropping, you can change the order of links and decide whether or not they are a child (drop-down) of a parent link:


You can create as many sidebars as you want. The access to the content of those sidebars is in the Widgets section. You can drag and drop various widgets to your sidebars and then assign specific sidebars to specific pages and posts:


Using the Next Gen Gallery plugin, you can have as many galleries of images as you want. Galleries then can be placed in the main content area of a page or post, or in a sidebar:


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