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Web Design & Graphics

Web Design & Graphics

Web Design & Graphics

Web Design encompasses many different skills and disciplines in the production and maintenance of websites.   Web Design includes: graphic design, website interface design; authoring, standardized coding and proprietary software.  The user’s website experience is directly managed by logical, succinct design and Search Engine Optimization.  Web Designers often times work in teams covering the many different aspects of the design so that the client gets the most comprehensive return on their investment (ROI).

“Web designers are expected to have an awareness of the psychology of web design and how it effects the usability of website.”

Many people these days claim themselves to be web designers because they are able to code and program in HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP.  However, the difference between a person who is a professional web designer and a person who is simply technical is psychology.  Professional web designers create a complete user experience from the recommendation of colors to which graphics are appropriate and why.

There are literally millions of websites on the Internet yet most of them you will never see or know about.  Granted they are “on” the Internet but they don’t create value for the website owner because they were created without thought.  SEO Graphic Design is a professional Web Design & Graphics company.  We build our sites with the idea that a small business website should fulfill a business need.

Our web design and graphics are strategically administered for results!

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