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The Perfect Small Business Website Solution

“You’ve got great products and services, people just need to know about it…”

The problem is finding the right Web Designer, Internet Marketer and SEO Specialist can be tough.

SEO Graphic Design specializes in helping small business owners with get their products and services in front of millions who are actively looking for what you provide.  Our systems navigate the Internet to find people who say “Yes this is exactly what I want and I’m buying it right now!”  Bringing you the massive increase in response, revenues and profits – from delighted customers you’ve always imagined for your business.  Despite all of the the economic doom and gloom – smart business owners are using the Internet to grow their business!

3 Things To Know Before You Purchase A Website

All Websites Are Not Created Equal

Many people think as long as they have a nice looking website up online, they will eventually get customers to that website.  The thing they are usually unaware of is the major search engines (i.e. Google, Yahoo and Bing) filter out the “good” websites from the “bad” ones in their search results based on a multitude of technical and logical factors.  Factors such as:

  • The type of code used to create the website and how well the programmer followed the W3C standards when coding the website.
  • The relevance of the content on the website to that of the “search-terms” used during the potential web visitors search.
  • How many authoritative websites have links pointing to your new website that aren’t categorized as spamming sites.
  • The loading speed of the website.
  • The bounce rates associated with the site….and much more!

SEO Is A Process Not A Magic Trick

The problem with SEO services is that unless you are a professional service provider, you really don’t know who to believe or what to trust.  So many web marketing services companies advertise the notion that they “will get you ranked on the #1 page of Google, guaranteed!”  Let us be the first to tell you, THAT IS A LIE!  No one can guarantee ranking results when it comes to SEO Services.  The reason is simple.  Google, Yahoo and Bing pay their computer scientists to constantly come up with new algorithms to keep people from scamming the system.  If there was a way for people to simply buy the #1 rankings within Search Engines, the Internet would only show content from the highest bidder.  That would then compromise the attractiveness of the Internet which would ultimately lead to the demise of these mega search providers.  The bottom-line is you should be wary of any service provider who makes these promises and can’t explain how they benefit your company logically.

Professional Services Are Essential

We specialize in building high-quality WordPress Websites that are built on technologies created by the original developers of WordPress.  WordPress is Content Management System that allows you the owner the ability to update your website without the need of a web developer once it is created.  We build our websites for our customers and train them on how to make future changes to their website as they see fit.  Granted the original creation of the site requires knowledge of HTML, CSS and PhP, once your website is up and running it is very easy to use!  Our other services are managed by our team of professionals who specialize in the various disciplines, that make up the whole of a Web Marketing strategy.

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