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HTML and CSS Training

html-css-trainingHTML and CSS are the basis the coding that allows you to view websites through your web browser. Common Web browsers are: Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox and Google Chrome. These web browsers read HTML and CSS code and then display it to you in a readable format.

By learning HTML and CSS, you will build a foundation to learning the basis of web design. These skills will allow you to fully edit any website down to the most minute details. Want to change the arrangement of your WordPress template or maybe the color scheme, you need to know HTML and CSS. You do not have to be a pro in this type of coding but the basic knowledge we will teach you will allow you to fix ro edit any problems you may run into in the future.

The HTML and CSS Class will teach you the following skills:

  • Basic HTML Coding and what it is and how read it
  • What are HTML tags and how to use them
  • How to change colors using HTML and CSS
  • How to build hyperlinks that open in a new or the same window
  • How to read a Styles.css file and understand the code (also found in WordPress CSS Editor)
  • How to edit HTML and CSS files both locally and online
  • How to save your HTML or CSS files to your web host
  • How to build a HTML or XHTML Sitemap
  • What is a Cpanel and how to navigate it

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