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How To Get More Website Traffic Today!

Getting more website traffic these days involves Social Media.

To have people Like you on Facebook, Follow you on Twitter or Stumble upon you on…is always a great way of driving traffic to your website or blog.  Social Media drives traffic, which in turns drives online sales if that ultimately is your goal.  Another glaring advantage to having large social media followings across multiple platforms is you have a ready group of people you can continuously launch and promote new products towards.

So how do you go about getting more Likes, Follows, Stumbles or Subscribers?

Social Media Prominence

nice-twitter-buttonIf you take a look at and you will notice that the “Like” and “Re-tweet” links are rather small.  Yet people still go through the process of finding and using the small icons to show their approval.

What would happen if you had nice LARGE buttons on your website and blog?  Did you know that you can actually create much bigger buttons? If you know how to use applications like Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop and a little HTML you can make your button standout the way you really want it to.  However, don’t worry if you don’t know how to create your own buttons, you can simply outsource the work for $25 to a web designer.

The same holds true for capturing email subscribers. Your Opt-In Box should be prominent and attention getting.  Often times you come across websites where it takes considerable search to find a simple opt-in box.  Don’t make that mistake!  Make sure you are able to capture emails on your website.  Email addresses drive online communication and interaction.  Creating your own list is invaluable.

Use Social Proof

How To Get More Website Activity TodayAnother great thing to do on your website is to show “social-proof” that other people Liked, Followed and Stumbled your post content.  Social Media should show people the actual numbers of clicks you have received.  Even if it displays as zero, people use that to gauge the validity of your site.  If your content is new people expect to see smaller numbers.  If the content is older people expect to see larger numbers where you have accumulated clicks over a long period of time.

If you are not getting the social media wave going, keep working at it or hire someone to help you in that area.  Consider it an investment towards your online future.

Ask for It!

child-yelling-ask-for-itOne of the most simplest things to do is to ASK FOR IT!  Ask for your website visitor to subscribe, like or follow you.  The good ole simple call to action is a simple yet powerful tool.  Let your visitor know what to do on your site.  Remember they don’t know what you do or do not have within your content…give them a tour.

FREE STUFF!  People love free stuff.  Give people a great incentive to give you their email address.  Create an e-Book that helps them with some key information.  Maybe give away a small inexpensive product that puts a smile on the visitors face.  Be Creative.  It’s your website…Own It!

Options, Options, Options

Give people as many options as you can to connect and share your information online.  Some people only use certain social media outlets on a regular basis.  Twitter, Facebook, Digg, RSS, Email, Pin-it, Flickr etc…all have their pros and cons for different people, so don’t limit your site visitor.  The easier you make the process the more likely you will see action on your site.

High visitor-interaction only happens if you build a system to do it.  Contact SEO Graphic Design if you need help jump-starting your website or simply have a question.

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  1. Dana – great reminder for us all on what we can do to promote our businesses! I am really surprised on how many small business owners have not taken advantage of the free marketing platforms called social networks.

    Keep posting as I am starting to follow and would like to see more!


  2. dana – thanks for the article.

    i must admit, i’m not a fan of social media, but i do believe that a lot of businesses really suffer from not having a presence, and also from not promoting it’s use.

    the actual r.o.i. of social media is pretty tough to quantify, but the losses you get from NOT having it are pretty apparent.

    i like your points of making it simple, clear and smooth for the user – i also like the “ask for it” bit. a lot of places don’t ask for “the love,” and thus, they miss it. it doesn’t hurt to ask – only hurts NOT to.

    excellent article – thanks again!