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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is Web Marketing?

Web Marketing is only one of many terms used to describe the collective acts of marketing products and/or services online.  Internet Marketing, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and even sometimes Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are used synonymously to describe “Web Marketing.”  An example of a complete Web Marketing strategy would include: Web Design & Graphics that W3C Validated, combined with compelling Copywrite and consistent Content Marketing.  Keyword Research, SEO and Landing Pages are also essential parts of a sound Web Marketing strategy.

I know Web Marketing is important but, where should I start?

The Internet offers Small Businesses the unprecedented opportunity to market their products and services to millions of people on a daily basis.  Compared with other forms advertisement such as TV, Radio, Billboards and Direct Mailers, the Return On Investment (ROI) makes the Internet an extremely attractive and viable investment.  Confusion is normally the only thing preventing businesses from being successful online.  We recommend that every Small Business do an online assessment with us to determine what the best plan of action will be.  In most cases however, the first step is to own a mobile-ready website that is “Web 2.0″ and SEO friendly.  SEO Graphic Design’s websites are all state of the art, mobile-ready, “content-management-systems” designed for high rankings within Google, Yahoo and Bing!