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Dynamic WordPress Websites versus Static HTML Websites, What’s the Difference?

Many small business owners don’t know anything about Dynamic WordPress Websites.  Most think, simply having a website online is enough in today’s Internet crazed world.  They think, “Hey if I’m online and people can find me” that’s enough for my business!  Well, those small business owners are categorically wrong and I am going to explain why I say that.

Static HTML Websites

static html websiteBack in the late 1990’s was really the first time small businesses everywhere started to become aware of this thing called the Internet.  It was the first time they really took notice of this new potential sales pipeline and many ran out an paid big bucks to Web Designers to have a website built for their small business.  And yes, at that time, simply having a website online representing their business was a big deal and they were absolutely ahead of the curve when it came to technology.  Websites back then were built as Static HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) Websites and that was the way it was done.  There were no templates back then and you had to hire someone who was well schooled in that type of programming.  Those type of websites are called, Static websites because they are built using Programmer tools that are outside of the ability of non-technical people.  Typically once the website is completed, it’s rare that the website’s content and layout ever change because to change it requires one to re-hire an HTML programmer.

statiic-html-on-smart-phoneFast forward to 2013, and one would notice that a lot has changed in the world of the Internet!  Today more people than ever use the Internet on a daily basis and rely on it for a multitude of things.  People use the Internet to talk to other folks all over the planet via Email, Social Media, Webcams, Forums.  They use it to make purchases, research topics and much more.  It is safe to say, most people have cell phones that are Internet capable so now even mobile devices are part of a small business’ online strategy!

Dynamic WordPress Websites

WordPress is considered a Content Management System (CMS) which allows non-technical people to make updates to their websites.  CMS websites are dynamic in that they allow one to make changes to the content as often as they choose.  Don’t like the message on your front page?  Change it.  Want to add a picture to another page?  Add it.  It is that simple and the interface allows for even the most non-technical people (with a little training) to make changes.  What’s even better is that one can make changes to their website from mobile devices as well!  Sitting on the train and got a cool idea you would like to add to your website?  No problem.  Pullout your smart phone or tablet and login to the back-end of your Dynamic WordPress Website and make the change.

WordPress websites are also called dynamic in that unlike a Static HTML Website, Dynamic WordPress Websites utilize an SQL database to store content.  Using SQL databases allows WordPress Websites to load faster than Static HTML Websites and provide a much better interface for website visitors.

The Advantage of Dynamic WordPress Websites

Another advantage of Dynamic WordPress Websites over that of Static HTML Websites, is that WordPress websites allow for Blog interaction with your website visitors.  So some in the technical field may say, “Hey I can build a Static HTML Website and add the Blog feature too.”  To that I say, not as easily and seamlessly as WordPress can!

Having a Blog within your website has a huge advantage as well!  By having a Blog within your website, you now have a way of interacting with people interested in your small business’ products and services, doing so on your own website.  So now if someone happens upon a Blog post featured on your site, they are simply a click away from seeing other pages on your website!  So the idea is simple.  I come to your website because your Blog post had information I was interested in.  I read your Blog and realize, “Hey your website also has the products and services I am interested in as well!”  “I think I will contact this website for more information!”  Yes, having a Blog integrated into your dynamic WordPress website is the way to go in 2013!

Dynamic WordPress Websites that are Mobile Ready

Mobile Ready Dynamic WordPress WebsitesAnother cool thing about dynamic WordPress Websites is that you have the ability to change the layout and look of the site much more easier than you could ever do with a Static HTML Website.  WordPress have these things called, “Child Theme’s” that can be changed (with a little programming) while not losing the written content during the process.  Child Themes are like Halloween masks on a website.  You can change the masks or look of the site, while still keeping the content and pictures in tact.  Static HTML Websites require much more coding and time to make such changes.

Mobile Ready WordPress Websites are all the rage these days in the land of Web Design.  These type of WordPress websites actually conform the layout to that of the device the person is using when they visit the site!

The Common Scenario

Imagine you are in your car traveling abroad and you suddenly get the taste for some pizza.  You pullover to the side of the road, whip out your cell phone, go online and search for the word, “Pizza.”  Google’s search engine pulls a list of 10 different pizza restaurants within a 5 mile radius from where you are at.  You click on the first link but, you can’t figure out the location because all of the information is mangled and overlapping on your cell phone screen.  You back-out of that site and click on the next link and “Wow” same thing…can’t see the information too well and “Hey their Pizza probably isn’t any good anyway if, I can’t see their website clearly on my smart phone!”

Finally you click on the third website listed and “Eureka! This website looks good, I can find it and man does that Pizza look good!”

Yes, that third website was built to be Mobile Ready!  Mobile Ready Websites are a must for serious small businesses.  It can mean the difference between landing a customer and losing a potential customer just off that alone!

* Now in reality if a website is coded poorly, Google won’t even pull the website up in your search.  The only way a poorly coded website would show up in your search is if they have a Pay Per Click ad running or if they have taken the time to update a profile within Google Maps or the like.  Typically the better the coding, the better the site’s ranking will be.  The higher the ranking, the higher the chance more people will see the website.  The big Search Engines have gotten smart like that!

Mobile Ready Dynamic WordPress Websites Made to Order!

We at SEO Graphic Design truly believe that if you are going to represent your company right online, you need a Mobile Ready WordPress Website!  The Internet is constantly changing and to keep up with the big boys it’s best to start off on the right foot.  Our Dynamic WordPress Websites are user friendly, great looking, fully validated and are considered state-of-the-art Web 2.0 ready!

Dynamic WordPress Websites are our specialty, contact us today to get a quote!

Superbowl Ads and Small Business

If you are like me, you probably spent this past Sunday with friends and family watching the Superbowl.  The Superbowl is one of the biggest TV events in America largely because of the half time shows and the funny and often racy ads that are run.  Super Bowl XLVII per ad prices averaged between $3.7 million and $3.8 million!  Wow!  Just think…some companies can have advertising budgets large enough to spend almost $4 million dollars on just one 60 second advertisement.  Companies such as Coke, Pepsi, KFC, etc. create the kind of yearly revenue that makes it worth the exposure costs for such ads.  The same can not be said for small businesses.

Small Business Owners Are Different

We small business Small Business Ad versus Superbowl Adowners have to be budget savvy and smart with every dollar we spend.  We need to make sure that when we spend money on marketing and advertisements, we will reap returns on our investments.   How many times have you bought an ad in some small paper or magazine and never really got the phone calls or returns on your money?  And if you are into spending money on cable TV ads, how much did that actually cost you versus what you made?

This is where using SEO Graphic Design services can have a huge return on investment for small businesses inclined to capture their market.  The Internet and the popularity of it, pretty much evened the playing field between small businesses and big businesses within the last 15 years.  Using Internet Marketing and Web Design techniques, small businesses can now get in front of their big business competitors like never before!  Sure there is Pay-Per-Click (PPC) options available but even beyond that, the Internet presents small businesses a way of carving out there own little online niche – getting their proverbial “piece-of-the-pie.”  And when I say “little,” 8,000 – 10,000 visitors per day is considered little from an SEO perspective but also very lucrative!

Is Your Small Business Internet Savvy?

As the video above shows, small businesses are the backbone of the American economy.  Small businesses differentiate themselves by being able to make strategical changes quickly thereby, catering to the customer experience better than most large corporations.  This is why SEO Graphic Design pushes being “Mobile Device Ready” in our design process so much!  Being Mobile Device Ready puts a small business in the status of being current and ready for today’s Internet savvy customer!  As a small business owner, you know perception is everything.  The customer that wants to make decisions quickly and research companies online before making a purchase, are using there mobile phones and tablets to do so.  Something as inexpensive as a proper WordPress Mobile Ready Website, should be a no-brainier for serious business owners.

So compare the the cost when you think about advertising mediums.  A multi-million dollar, Superbowl Ad marketed to the masses for one brief moment, versus to a great mobile ready website that actively captures local customers daily.  These days, simply having a website is not enough.  A great website gets you more business and brands your business as one of the best.  If you are interested in our FREE 15 Strategy Consultation, please do not hesitate to contact us.  During the consultation, you’ll learn more about the strategy of getting business online.

We Are Small Business Friendly

Some companies just build websites.  Some companies just make promises of grandeur like the “#1 Google Ranking Guarantee”.  We at SEO Graphic Design believe the proper approach comes through educating our clients first and then executing a sound online plan.  I always tell my clients, SEO is not a one time thing.  It is a consistent process that needs to be part of your daily routine.  If your small business doesn’t have the staff or doesn’t have the time, hire us and we’ll manage you toward success!


Small Business Owner Stress – Identify and Eliminate the Source

Small Business Owner StressSmall Business Owner Stress a Serious Issue

As a Small Business Owner it is not good enough to merely address the symptoms of stressful situations. Of course, learning stress management techniques can really help relieve stress temporarily, but if you want to permanently live with less stress, be more productive and happier, you’ll need to identify and eliminate stress at the source!

What’s Causing Stress in Your Life?

The actual factors that are causing stress in your life may or may not be consciously recognized yet, even to yourself. It is possible that you may be aware of the biggest stressors in your life, but often times many other smaller stressors can add up.  Causing what might seem to be minor stressors, to become big things.  Stress by nature leads to indecision which make it absolutely possible that large stressors become factors without conscious awareness. To eliminate these stressors, it’s crucial that you take honest inventory of what’s really causing you stress.  Psychologists have invented a technique called the “hourly checks” to help identify specific stress inducers.

How It Works

  • Purchase a watch or phone that can be set to ring an alarm every hour of the day. Carry a small notepad and pen with you at all times. A smart phone is great for this!
  • Every time the alarm rings, open the notepad and write down a number from 1 to 10, ranking how stressed you are.
  • Anytime the number goes up, write down just one or two sentences as to why you think the number went up. If the number goes down, write one or two sentences on why you think the number went down.
  • Keep this up for a whole week. Then take a look back at your journal.

Small Business Owner Stress Points

You might be surprised to find the difference between what you thought was stressing you and what is or was actually stressing you.

For example, you might have thought that all your stress was work related, but in reality a disagreement with your spouse may have actually occupied most of your attention. Without writing down what you were really thinking when stress went up, it would be very hard (especially if you suffer from daily stress) to identify the source of the problem.

Tally up all the different causes of stress in your life and identify the most stressful ones.

Eliminate Small Business Owner Stress at the Source

Once you know what’s causing you stress, how do you eliminate the stress from your life?

The first step is to take accountability. Any time you’re pointing fingers outside of yourself, you are effectively removing all your power to do anything about the situation. Even if you think your stress is “someone-elses-fault,” look at what you can do to change the situation.  Own your personal power!

The next step is to come up with a game plan. Write the plan down, even if you don’t show it to anybody.  The act of writing will make this exercise worthwhile. You don’t have to take action on the plan right away. For example, if your small business’s system feels like you are constantly being tossed projects at the last minute spend some quite time to reflect and remedy your system.  Small business owner’s are the brains behind the operation.  Make sure your game plan is good for your business as well as your mental health!  A lot of stress can be relieved by creating a concrete plan – action on that plan can come when it makes the most sense.

The last step is to eliminate the source of the stress. This often involves having difficult and honest conversations with yourself, your staff (if you have one) and your family. While you might never get to a place where there’s absolutely no stress in your life, a lot of stressors can be eliminated from your life by following this process.  And you will free your mind for greater things when Small Business Owner stress becomes a thing of the past!